Choose Roaming Riddle for your next team building event!

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Fantastic experience for myself and our staff! The complete convenience of being able to provide an excellent team building opportunity brought to our business on site was all I could have asked for. We were able to keep our business running while teams went through and conquered the riddles together. Our staff loved the perfect complexity of the mobile escape room and the owners were attentive, caring, and you can really tell that they have joy in what they are doing. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to provide a combined team building and reward for their team members. Our staff was completely thrilled with the experience and highly appreciative of the great work of the Roaming Riddle!
— Steve T.
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Increase Problem Solving Skills

Roaming Riddle escape rooms introduce problems that team members must solve together. Each player must communicate, listen, work together, all with the pressure of beating the clock. You benefit from learning how the individuals in your company function as a team and solve problems.

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Increase Productivity

Roaming Riddle escape rooms require innovative thinking, teamwork and collaboration to successfully complete the unique challenges.  They are an excellent way to help people of different backgrounds and with different skills to build rapport, cooperation, communicate more effectively, and better understand each members’ personal strengths. Team members learn to work together more effectively, increasing efficiency and productivity. 

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Increase Morale & Motivation

Our escape games are designed to engage a number of different personality and skill types so that each participant can look for ways to contribute that plays to their strengths. Each team member therefore can experience connection, contribution, and significance. Employees are more motivated when they gain trust in their fellow employees and feel confident that their work and contribution will be recognized and appreciated.

A Few Of Our Clients

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