Escape rooms are the fastest growing form of entertainment worldwide.

Escape rooms are an exciting new form of entertainment. Trip Advisor rates them as the number one local activity for many cities around the world.  As one of the first mobile escape rooms in the St. Louis metropolitan area, Roaming Riddle delivers an unforgettable escape room adventure directly to your doorstep.  


What is aN Escape Room?

Your team assembles inside a room. The door closes. The clock begins counting down. Your team now must work together searching for clues, solving puzzles, cracking codes, decoding messages, and unraveling riddles all in an effort to find the way out before time expires.  Everything your team needs to escape the room is within the room itself. Your challenge is to figure it out by manipulating your surroundings and using your collective wits, intuition, logic, powers of observation, and strategy to conquer the room.

The roaming Riddle advantage!

With Roaming Riddle, you don’t have to travel to enjoy an amazing escape room experience. We bring the escape room to you. Roaming Riddle gives your team an opportunity to enter an exciting new world and become the detectives and heroes of that world as you work together to make the great escape or accomplish your mission. Whether played by kids, adults, friends, family or co-workers, a Roaming Riddle mobile escape game is great fun for everyone. And one of the best parts about it, we bring it to you.

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