What is an escape room?

In an escape room, a group of people are placed in a room and have a certain amount of time to find the way out by using only the information, clues and items in the room.   To escape, the group must discover clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, unravel riddles, accomplish tasks and open locks to escape the room within the allotted time. Trip Advisor rates escape rooms as the number one local activity for many cities around the world.  They have been featured on reality television shows and have been played by U.S. Presidents. 

What is a Mobile Escape Room?

A mobile escape room is an escape room that comes to you and can be set up virtually anywhere at any time.  There is no need to travel to enjoy an amazing escape room adventure. We bring the escape room to you.

One of our mobile escape rooms, Submarine: Heroes Below, is in a state of the art, 28-foot, climate controlled, custom designed enclosed trailer built with your safety and comfort in mind.  It is fully enclosed from the elements with insulated walls, heat, air conditioning, lights, and a self-powered generator.  The Escape Room Trailer transports you back to the 1940s in a World War II submarine where you find yourself surrounded by enemy ships. You must guide your submarine to safety before the enemy finds you.  To immerse you in the experience, the Escape Room Trailer includes an interactive periscope, torpedo tubes, electronic circuit breaker boxes, automated telegraph machine, interactive pipings, electronic battleship board, custom lights, audio and video, and other state of the art puzzles to make you feel like you are at a depth of 200 feet. It comfortably holds 8 adults and 10 kids at a time for gameplay.  It has a gamemaster control room to ensure that your escape game experience is a smooth and enjoyable one.  The Escape Room Trailer was specifically designed to give you a top notch, high quality, escape room experience that you will not find anywhere else in the St. Louis area.

We also can set up a mobile escape room in your home, office, backyard, church, hotel or any other place of your choosing, in our custom designed, fully enclosed, Escape Room Tent. With its immersive décor, our escape room tent game, The Psychic Clue Mystery: The Hunt For The Tarot Man, is perfect for any type of event. Enter the world of the paranormal to discover the identity of a serial killer before he strikes again. We can set up this mobile escape room inside or outdoors. All we need is a 13x13 foot space, at least an 8 foot ceiling, and an electrical outlet. We recommend about 8 players at a time for gameplay and a gamemaster will ensure that your escape game experience is a smooth and enjoyable one.

You can choose one or both escape games for your event.

How long are your escape games?

We have 60, 30 and 20-minute escape games of Submarine: Heroes Below in our Escape Room Trailer. We have 30 and 20 minute escape games for Mystery of the Lost Cavern and The Psychic Clue Mystery. Each game is designed to deliver a fun and exciting escape room experience for your event. We need about 10 -15 minutes between games to reset the escape game and prepare the next group to play.

How many people can play at a time? 

We recommend no more than 8 players at a time. 

What happens in the event of inclement weather? 

Roaming Riddle’s escape games are in a a fully enclosed trailer or tent and can usually run rain, snow or shine.  However, if the weather conditions present the possibility of danger to our clients or staff, Roaming Riddle reserves the right to reschedule the event to another day/time of the client’s choosing.

What areas do you serve? 

We primarily serve the St. Louis metropolitan area. Because we are mobile, we also can travel outside of the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Please contact us if you want us to come to you.


Am I actually locked in your escape room?

No.  At Roaming Riddle, safety is always our number one concern so we NEVER physically lock our players in any space.  You will always be free to leave at any time

Who can play the game?  Is there an age limit?

Escape rooms are appropriate for people of virtually any age, different educational backgrounds, diverse experiences, all skill levels and different physical abilities.  Roaming Riddle’s escape games are suitable for ages 10 and up.  Younger groups will have a game master with them at all times to help them work together to solve the clues.

How much space do you need to operate your escape games?

For the Escape Room Trailer, we need about 60 feet of open parking space, preferably on a paved surface, and room to maneuver the truck and trailer.  Set up takes about 45 minutes. For the Escape Room Tent, we need a 13x13 foot space, an electrical outlet, and at least an 8 foot ceiling (if setting up inside). Set up takes about an hour. Please contact us if you have any questions about whether your location is suitable for our mobile escape game.


Yes we can. We can set up The Psychic Clue Mystery or Mystery Of The Lost Cavern indoors in your home, office, conference room, or any indoor space. We will need a 13x13 foot space, an electrical outlet, and at least an 8 foot ceiling.

Can we bring our cell phones?

Yes.  We know that many escape rooms take your phones away, but we know how uncomfortable that can make you.  We do request that you not use your phones during the game and that you not take pictures during the escape game.  Please keep the clues, riddles, solutions, and combinations a secret so that others can enjoy the game. 

What is your payment plan?

Generally, full payment is due when your reservation is confirmed. But we understand that each event and situation is different. Contact us for alternative payment plans.

What is your cancellation policy?

All sales are non-refundable, but we will work with you to reschedule a game if your plans change.

Do I need to sign a liability waiver to play?

Yes.  All participants need to sign a liability waiver to play our escape games.  Any participant under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver for them.  You can download the waiver here.