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The following are our MOBILE ESCAPE gameS. 

Submarine: Heroes below

The year is 1943 and World War II is raging. You are a sailor on the USS-Escape, the finest submarine in the United States Fleet. While submerged 200 feet in the North Atlantic, you find yourself surrounded by enemy warships at the surface waiting to take you prisoner – or worse! You must guide your submarine to safety before the enemy finds you. Search for hidden clues in torpedo tubes, use your periscope to chart your course, and solve the riddles left behind by former submarine captains in this epic naval adventure. We bring this escape room experience to you in our state of the art, climate-controlled Escape Room Trailer – the only one of its kind in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

This game will be available in 2019

This game will be available in 2019

The Psychic Clue Mystery: The Hunt For The Tarot Man.

After years of complete silence, an elusive serial killer nicknamed The Tarot Man has resurfaced to claim more victims. This ruthless killer earned his nickname by leaving Tarot Cards at his crime scenes. While assisting the FBI on the case, a well-known Psychic detective finally discovered the Tarot Man’s identity. Before she could reveal the information to the FBI, she disappeared. The Tarot Man has threatened to take another victim within the next hour. The key to stopping him lies within the missing Psychic’s mystic research. Do you and your team have what it takes to find the Tarot Man’s identity before it is too late? We bring this escape room experience to your home, office, indoors or outdoors in our Escape Room Tent, or wherever you choose.


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